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Xbox One – test and our opinion about the new console Microsoft

After nearly 10 months after the global launch lived to the end of the Polish debut of Xbox One (which means an opportunity to establish itself accounts with Polish address or paying for the game in US dollars), thus all the next-genes landed in our market, and we do not need any longer to limit only the PlayStation 4 (probably because we do not pretend that the Wii U ever mattered in this race?). Some people certainly is loose on the giant from Redmond at the time when this was first presented to the world new equipment, disclosing that his preposterous ideas, and treatment of Polish as a country of the other categories (in terms of release) is also here did not help, but close weekly intercourse with equipment confirmed my belief that the console resides really great potential and we should not be so fast her scratch. The more that Microsoft over the past year has been busy and the device now offers much more than the time of its debut, in many ways ahead of his greatest rival.
So if you decided yet to buy a console from imports, in our native stores waiting for you two basic versions of the console – with Kinect or without (regardless of the selected variant, in each set’ll find a game), which more you can read in our news.
The bulky box in addition to the console can also find gamepad (with spare batteries), Kinect sensor (if we chose version of it), HDMI cable, external power supply, headset (by the way quite decent, especially compared with a small słuchaweczką on a thin wire, which find included with the Sony PS4), short documents, codes, downloadable games, and code for 14 days of access to Xbox Live Gold.

Returning to the next-gena, it is really decent size (dimensions 333 x 274 x 67 mm and weight of 3.4 kg) and probably was not previously more console, which in the era of miniaturization of equipment may seem quite a bold move. It is hardly surprising, however, Microsoft, who taught experience with Xbox 360, this time literally decided to play safe and make sure that everything inside has enough space. However, the equipment in direct contact makes a better impression than on the pictures, and its modern minimalist design really to my liking, and it due attention to finish and simple kształt.Podobnie as Sony for the PS4, so the US giant in its new console put on a combination of matt and glossy elements – the latter traditionally are susceptible to fingering, microcracks (formed most often when trying to remove fingerprints) and collecting dust. There were also numerous vents, which are located on the upper half of the console panel after its sides and back, which confirms our belief that the Redmond giant firmly focused on cooling its next-gena. By the way, in addition to a sizeable fan in the same console, you will also find a smaller power supply and sensor Kinect (these two elements share a design for console). All of these solutions seem perfectly exam, because the console even during longer sessions remains relatively cool, and at the same time is very quiet – falls much better not only than its predecessor, but the PS4.
On the back of the console find the necessary connectors, namely input and output HDMI output Toslink SPDIF (optical audio), two USB ports, Ethernet input socket at Kinecta, IR port and the lock port, which allows you to lock the device (for this purpose needs a special key not supplied). On the side we find the third one USB 3.0 port, which will be very useful for connecting external drives (the console supports this function). Unfortunately, if you save space on your dresser / table RTV, we do not have for you the best news, because the design of the new Xbox allows him to work only in a horizontal position, with its size can be a bit confusing.

Author: xbox4u

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